To blog or not to blog….

I got to say, this is my second attempt to clarify why do I have started a blog…. the first attempt  was written  and I was happy with how the words came out of my fingers, only to find out that I didn’t manage to save the changes !!! ( No,  I am not proud of what I did, just in case you wonder )… so, still don’t know if this attempt will work though. Sure enough, I will be paying attention to this particular step in the process !!!…. so, let me try and find out if now I know how to save it…… well, I did click on the left link called SAVE ( no “brainner”, right?? )

So, getting back to the initial question, why do I want to blog? Well, I have always had a thing for typing stuff like there is no tomorrow. I have written tons of stuff in several computers over the years and most of it is gone lost due to obsolescence,  broken computer, lost computer, the dog ate it, you name it….. so, I am hoping this would be the last stop for my thoughts and crazy talk…. we will see about that !!!

Sunday Sep 4, 2016…. I think I am making progress. I still want to understand the whole concept a little bit better. I am starting to develop new ideas. I want to figure out how to organize my blog using different categories. I have already established a couple of them: a) Politics ( everything is fair game now that we are around the corner of our Presidential election ), b) Traveling stories ( Well, my job takes me to places so, every time I come back, going thru immigration is always an adventure ).

Of course I do have more categories in mind: Another language, this time around wold be French ( My goal is to be able to write some stories in French…. why?… because I want to ). Many more opportunities such as Technical corner, my family tree project, books summary, TV adventures ( Preacher, Impastor, Shameless, Gotham, The Big Bang Theory…uffff… you name it ). Of course movies, web sites, software, electronics, mathematics, physics….. history, geography, how to get the most of free services like Google, Wikipedia, Google Maps, YouTube…ahhhhhhhhhh… too much stuff, so little time !!!!. Like a good friend of mind and peer says all the time… One day at the time !!!!


Author: rrgindy

I just love to type whatever comes off my mind at the time..... this blog is the right tool to share those thoughts, ideas, stories, comments, analysis or any way you may want to cut it, slice it,, let the finger's dance on the keyboard begin !!!

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