Juarez to El Paso at Zaragoza bridge

Thursday Sep 1, 2016 On our way to El Paso, Tx from Cd Juarez. I am driving a rental car, PB is shootgun and CW is in the back seat. The line thru Zaragoza bridge wasn’t too bad. Approach to the booth immigration officer and the usual questions… – Are you all back from work? – Yes, and we are beat up. ( The officer smirk a bit and says something like “yeah I know”. He take all passports and goes back to his booth computer. Comes back kind of apologetic with all three passports bundled with an “orange” piece of paper ( hold on to that thought, there is an intended pun here ). He puts them on the windshield and tells me to go to box number 2.

I got to box number 2. There are four young officers on the side just chatting. One color, one hispanic, two blonde girls, one is clearly a tough lesbian with short hair and piercing blue eyes. The short cute one ( until she started talking ) tells me in a lousy Spanish something like “kill the engine” ( Can’t even remember how she word it in her version of the Spanish language ). Next thing, I grab my phone to check Face Book just to kill time and they reacted as if I had grabbed a weapon of mass destruction and I got yelled in a severe military tone “Put the phone down !!!!” (Since I know better, I just did… no questions asked ). Then silence and no further instructions, other than handing over the car keys to the blonde officer and she just drop’em on the windshield. A couple of minutes later, there it comes a color female officer to run the inspection.

She approached me on the driver window to ask: “Do you have any fruits or vegetables?” – No ma’m. “Do you have any liquor to declare?” – No ma’m. “Do you have anything worth more than ten thousand dollars?” – No ma’m. “Have you ever committed any offense?” -Not to my knowledge, no. “Do you understand that I have asked you and now we are going to search your luggage and if we find something then this will be a serious offense?”. – Yes, I understand…… then she posed the question to all of us and CW brings up to the officer attention that he had an offense two years ago……. ahhhhh… she was barking to the wrong tree !!! ( Always pick on the “Mexican”… see, blondie was trying to speak to me in Spanish. My guess is the booth officer may have point there was a born Mexican in the blue passports…. and then the inspection officer was conducting the questioning to me for a “reason”, right?..well, she was wrong ).

We all stepped out of the car and got our luggage on the bench for her to search it. She didn’t find anything at first glance, so she wrapped things up and we were good to go.

What happened was…. CW went to Thailand two years ago. He happend to have packed three ( I repeat THREE ) lousy and stupid oranges. He forgot all about it, so he kept them all along and brought them back to the US. He was caught thru customs inspection and got tagged with an offense. The sting has been on his record and this has happened quite a few times, I just didn’t happen to be there until now.

The moral to the story here is….. do not bring oranges because that will get you in big trouble and you will be hunted and persecuted every time you go thru the immigration process, even if you are a born American !!!!! ( Can you imagine if I would have been the real smoking gun???… yeah, the born Mexican now American would’ve been screwed over way worst, that would be my guess ). Anyhow, this is just another adventure going thru the border. Of course the names of PB and CW are encrypted for their own well being. In other words, I don’t want to have to ask for approval to user their full names. No need to do that, the story makes sense as it is anyway. The only question to myself is… will I be always capable to remember what PB and CW means??… Time will tell.


Author: rrgindy

I just love to type whatever comes off my mind at the time..... this blog is the right tool to share those thoughts, ideas, stories, comments, analysis or any way you may want to cut it, slice it, etc....so, let the finger's dance on the keyboard begin !!!

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