The Snowden files

Book by Luke Harding

Young Edward Snowden was an American kid that didn’t know what to do or where to go. He didn’t fit. I am not sure but I even believe he was a dropout. Like any other teen, he found solace and refugee in computers. One thing leads to another and next thing he knows, he is working  now for the NSA and eventually landed in a well paid job in Hawaii. He meet his girlfriend there. He had it all…. the job, the girl, the bright future…. and yet, it wasn’t enough ( it never is, and that’s just the way life works and if you don’t know how to deal with it then….. ). So, out of the blue ( pretty much ), he threw it all away, packed few things and flew out to Hong Kong. It was a one way ticket and he knew it. Why??… he found questionable activities in his line of work and decided to “save” the world ( as much as he has always said that to become a celebrity wasn’t his intentions ). The whistle-blower contacted the British newspaper The Guardian and the rest is history. The sequence of events unfolded a chain reaction that would involve several countries, government agencies, newspapers, state leaders, you  name it. He managed to dodge the US government hunting and ended up in Moscow with Ecuador ( and other anti-American countries ) help. The book dance around way too much on the agencies involved and the technicalities of what was spied on and how it was done. The last line of the book says something like, we don’t know if E. Snowden will be held expatriated in Russia for weeks, years or decades…….. well, that’s exactly what I wanted to know !!!!….how is his life going in Russia and things like that !!!!. Anyhow, it is an interesting read for so many other reasons anyway ( From Albania to Zimbabwe, remember? )


Author: rrgindy

I just love to type whatever comes off my mind at the time..... this blog is the right tool to share those thoughts, ideas, stories, comments, analysis or any way you may want to cut it, slice it,, let the finger's dance on the keyboard begin !!!

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