Empires of light

“What” do we read may say something about whatever…. however, “why” is another contributor !!… So, why did I read this book? This is one of those things that one thing leads to another. Few days ago, a friend of mine asked me something about Nikola Tesla. I don’t even remember what it was but I am sure I said something, I just can’t keep my trap shut. Anyhow, I knew that I have a book about Tesla, that I read few years ago. I grabbed it off the shelf and once I start browsing then all bets are off. I had to re-read it again. Every time a book is revisited, there is always the possibility to discover something new. It was a pleasant and quick read. Few days later, I was walking about “HalfPriceBooks” ( Yes, I like cheap thrills ) and found this book “Empires of light” by Jill Jonnes. This one is very good in particular because explores the sequence of events between three great contributors, were for the most part the grand majority of people identify the one ( Thomas A Edison ) and vaguely remember something about a Edison’s feud or sort of competition against this super genius hardly understood ( Nikola Tesla )….however, there is a third wheel here called George Westinghouse. Plenty of mangled  events between those three ( Not going to describe all details here…. want more?.. read the book !! .. smile face here ). The outcome? … the one thing that  we all depend upon and take for granted every second, day in day out…. electricity !!!! ( We just hook our computer to the wall and do not worry about anything else… think about that !!! ). Anyhow, one particular chapter that kept me reading like nothing else existed around me, was about a son of a gun called William Kemmler. He got caught up between a nasty battle between Edison ( DC ) and the duo Westinghouse/Tesla ( AC ), to determine what would be the most efficient method to kill this sucker ( don’t judge yet…wait and read the details first ). A drunk William Kemmler out of the blue, walked into his house and found his wife cooking breakfast. Something didn’t agree with him ( we will never know ) and went outside to get his ax. Came back in and whacked the hell out the poor innocent woman. She probably never new what hit her. He was guilty, that wasn’t part of the question…..  Long story short, the DC/AC battle was about egos and investment. The whole process was focused on getting the most efficient and “human” procedure to execute William Kemmler in the electric chair ( A mercy he never had with his wife !!!! ). After long trials and battles, the day came and executed he was ( He was even asking for it, since he was sure it would be painless and quick … well, not so fast dude ). It seems that Karma existed even then. First attempt, as horrific the spectacle was to all present attendees, he was still alive. He was gasping for air thru the leather mask covering his face. He was fried for a second longer time, to make sure the deal was done. Done it was, but he most have gone thru a hellish way to go, very well deserved ( My own words ). Again, don’t judge.. instead, look it up, do your research, get your data and form your own opinion. For me, this is one more book in my background. I do treasure each and every one !!! Now, I do have another book about Edison biography that I read years ago too. I think I am bound to re-read that one soon too !!!!


Author: rrgindy

I just love to type whatever comes off my mind at the time..... this blog is the right tool to share those thoughts, ideas, stories, comments, analysis or any way you may want to cut it, slice it, etc....so, let the finger's dance on the keyboard begin !!!

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