Big Bang

I know, the Big Bang Theory have just started season 10 for the TV sitcom….. even though I am a big fun, this blog is NOT about the show. This is about a book called “Big Bang” by Simon Singh. Usually when I am browsing a book store, I will grab any book that may look compelling and then find out if I got what I thought I was going to get. This book in particular, I thought I bought a technical description of the Big Bang theory and as it turns out, it is a historical description of the events that lead us to understand the Universe, from the very beginning with the Greeks thinking about our place in the great scheme of things, all the way to today’s CMB chart that explains the basic principle on how galaxies where formed over the span of 13.7 billion  years. I thought about writing a quick summary of the sequential events by going over the names of the contributors and then realized the list was getting too long. Instead, here is a compressed list with the main characters and keep in mind, there are plenty of important names in between that I am not going to include. Having a conceptual theory to explain  how the Universe came to being is not trivial, even if it may seem like it is. Anyhow, there was a Greek dude called Aristarchus who dare to say back in the day that the Sun was the center of the Universe. He was a lucky dude because if he would’ve said such thing when the Catholic mind set came to place then he would’ve been burned alive. The sad part is that when we stand on our lawn and look at the horizon, it kind of looks like the Sun is the one going around the earth. So, in other words and on a long story short, no one believed him and the Sun centered idea was forgotten for … mmmhhh…. just about 1,700 years !!!. To make matters worst, Ptolemy developed a convoluted and complex system with epicycles to explain how the Sun and all planets moved around the earth. Copernicus comes along and thought about taking a stand in favor of the Sun centered universe but realize that Bruno Giordano was stripped naked, gagged and tied to a stake and burned to death for just impliing that the stars in the night sky could be other worlds !!!… So, Copernicus wrote this stuff and then just after publishing decided to kick the bucket ( how  smart, hu?? ). The Sun centered idea kept on getting stronger with Tycho Brahe, which collected tons of data that eventually where used by Kepler to develop the elliptical trajectories around the sun. With all those ideas laid out to build the foundation of the Sun centered universe, Galileo confirmed a lot of that by using a telescope to discover the moons of Jupiter and it settled the argument that NOT everything revolves around Earth ( We were NOT the center of the Universe !!!….yeaph, Catholic church was freaking out ). Once those wheels where set in motion then here it comes guys like Newton to develop the first theory of gravitation and then Einstein to change everything up side down, while in parallel a lot of things were happening. Alexander Friedmann, using Einstein ideas, jumped to the conclusion that the Universe was expanding and no one ( pretty much ) understood what he was talking about. Georges Lemaitre ( The Charleroi priest from Belgium ) came up with the  very first idea of starting the universe from a primeval atom…. the explosion concept was now outhere and Hoyle coined the term Big Bang as a mocking thing that unbeknownst to him, the term would stick forever. Not only that, Hoyle was supporting the opposite idea based on a steady state eternal universe and yet, he is the one who developed the nucleoshyntesis theory that helped the Big Bang to explain how Hidrogen and Hellium were formed at the first few mintues after the misterious begining. One thing leads to another and then Hubble comes up with his observations to confirm the universe is expanding, therefore it’s safe to say that the universe of yesterday was smaller than today. Take this idea to the extreme and you can move all galaxies to a single point, which is the beginning of time. Again, I can’t do justice to this book in few paragraphs. If you like science, philosophy and history then this is the book to get your research started.


Author: rrgindy

I just love to type whatever comes off my mind at the time..... this blog is the right tool to share those thoughts, ideas, stories, comments, analysis or any way you may want to cut it, slice it,, let the finger's dance on the keyboard begin !!!

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