Discoveries and Opinions of Galileo

I wish I could post stories more often but my busy schedule ( which is a good thing ) gets in the way. The only thing not negotiable is my personal time to read. My last book, The Big Bang, took me thru some historical milestones with the telescope and Galileo. I did realize that I had never read Galileo’s biography, so by the next trip to the bookstore, I did find the book “Discoveries and Opinions of Galileo” translated by Stillman Drake. Like the cliche says, “Never judge a book by it’s cover”, I was 100% sure that I was getting Galileo’s biography….. nope, I couldn’t be more wrong. The book turns out, is the translation of some Galileo’s actual pieces of work, mostly letters. I was disappointed from the get-go, I am not going to lie, so it was hard to crank the pace up to a level where one get lost in time and enjoy the reading material as if one’s existence comes to a halt. The Starry Messenger did set the haters wheels on motion, however the controversy is not what got me hooked with the book !!!…. the letters to Cosimo, the Grand Duke of Tuscany, were written heavily with extremely reverent and religious language that I am sure today’s generations would frown and scratch their heads as if thinking “what a hell does that means????”. It’s just shocking and funny how things have changed in almost 400 years !!!. So, Galileo got “punished” by the holy church by forbidding him to support or say anything else about Copernicus. The whole controversy was basically based on the statement of who is going around who? The Sun goes around the earth or the other way around?. The theological implications where a big deal in that context. At certain point, Galileo was wise enough to make terms with the whole thing but then, there is this bunch of arse-holes that kept on pressing the issue until he snapped and wrote a “letter” to the Grand Duchess Christina of Lorraine ( Concerning the use of Biblical Quotations in matters of science )  in the hopes this will help turn things around…. well, obviously Galileo never took the class on “writing concise essays 101”. The freaking letter is more than 40 pages on the printed book, can you imagine how many must have been on handwriting?? I think he got in trouble and didn’t get the help he expected from her because likely she did NOT read the whole damn encyclopedia !!! ( poor bastard !!!….yes, I said this with love ). The last section is an essay called The Assayer, where Galileo trashed big time the biggest jerk of his enemies and for that conservative language of 400 years ago, boy he did not held his tongue !!!!…. The last thing he said was “…but if you fail, I ask no more from you than silence, by which an end will be put to this dispute. And truly that is what I hope will now take place”. Well, from where I am standing, this is how “shut the F Up” used to be said in a polite way back in Galileo’s day !!!!!!….. and that’s all folks, until I finish reading my next book !!!!!


Author: rrgindy

I just love to type whatever comes off my mind at the time..... this blog is the right tool to share those thoughts, ideas, stories, comments, analysis or any way you may want to cut it, slice it,, let the finger's dance on the keyboard begin !!!

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