What do we really own?

We go thru life, day in day out, dealing with all kind of activities where we either help to move things forward or whatnot. While we do that, we collect stuff from the things we do, the things we learn, you name it. As we grow old and accumulate wealth, experience, memories among other things, we eventually realize that everything is just an illusion. Everything we are will eventually ¬†disappear. This thought has been going around my head for a couple of days, so here I am writing my thoughts down in the hopes to make sense of this deceiving simple question: What do we really own?…… let’s see, few examples: a) I think I own my car and yet, any given day it can be stolen, crashed, broken. b) I think I own my house and yet, any given day it can be burned down, flooded, wiped out by a tornado, demolished by an earthquake. c) I think I own my job and yet, any given day ( particularly under today economic scenario ) I can get the pink slip ( lay off )…… get the idea?…. what do we really own????. Even memories can be erased by Alzheimer !!!!!…. holly stinky freaking rats !!!! So, I kept on dwelling and then I realized that I can think of few things that we really own ( like it or not ). The first one is the place where we were born. That label cannot be changed !!!! Even after passing, I will still be remembered by relatives as the one who was born as such and such. We also own our biological parents. They are the beginning or our own existence, they are our own Big Bang !!!!. In other words, we own very few things that were setup by external events and we didn’t even have a say on them !!!. It’s ( at least to me anyway ) a very deep question……What else do we really own?